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Reply Argee
10:32 PM on June 23, 2017 
hello !
Reply Eloisa Alfonso
3:26 AM on May 19, 2017 
This is for verification and reference. Thank you in advance!
Reply Bem Manzo
2:10 PM on May 2, 2017 
Greetings! I am student from University of the Philippines Diliman and I am currently conducting a research about San Fernando's Implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act in Barangay Maimpis. In line with study, I am requesting to your good office if it's okay to gather my data through personal interviews and case studies next week? Hoping for your response. Thank you!
Reply Joi
2:30 AM on March 23, 2017 
Please forward the map of san fernando with barangay boundary
Reply Pauline De Mesa
9:15 AM on February 7, 2017 
This is for my thesis project
Reply grace nunag
9:13 AM on January 27, 2017 
good evening ma'am sir. i'm 4th year architecture student from university of the assumption. i am requesting for Land use and zoning map, road network and flood hazard map of sindalan and san augustin for my feasibility study.
Reply Kimberlyn Joy Estoque
5:00 AM on October 21, 2016 
Good Day Ma'am/Sir. I'm a 4th year Tourism student from Far Eastern University in Manila. I would like to request for a copy of the demoraphic population of San Isidro, San Fernando Pampanga for my group's business thesis proposal. Hoping for your kind consideration for my request. Thank you and God Bless.
Reply Patrick Gabriel V. Jose
11:59 AM on July 27, 2016 
Good Day Sir/Ma'am! I am 5th Year Architecture Student from National University, I am requesting for Pampanga Development Plan and Zoning Ordinance for my Thesis Proposal. Thank you Sir/Ma'am.
10:58 AM on July 23, 2016 
Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you and friends to our series of seminars scheduled for this year. The WorkLand M&E Institute has been conducting different training programs since March 2010, serving organizations in the public, private, and the plural [NGOs, INGOs, CSOs, Non-Profits, others] sectors, as well as individuals in their private capacity as practitioners. Our training programs include the following:

Results-based Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Training Seminar
This module focuses on analyzing the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of projects/ interventions and organizational initiatives. Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation can help your organization build a system that can measure and assess whether your interventions/policies/ programs/ projects are achieving the desired results.

The seminar covers the following; Results-based M&E Basics, Theory of Change/ Logic Model Formulation, Key Results Areas, Articulating Outcomes, Results Framework Formulation, Evaluation Research Design, Evaluation Questions, Baselines, Targets and Indicators, Data Collection Methods, Conducting Evaluation, and Reporting and application of M&E results.

QUANTITATIVE Research Seminar Workshop
The course focuses on developing skills in doing research that applies quantitative perspective. It provides training in developing research proposals with strong quantitative data features. It aims to provide participants with theoretical and practical understanding of quantitative research applied in cross disciplines, particularly in social and natural sciences and humanities.

The seminar covers the following; basics of quantitative research, theory and practice of quantitative research, linking data analysis with answering research questions, quantitative data collection methods, methods of analyzing quantitative data, statistical analysis and quantitative data, and data presentation techniques, among others.

QUALITATIVE Research Seminar Workshop
?Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted ? (Albert Einstein)

This workshop will provide an overview of research methodologies applying qualitative perspective and will answer questions on when to use this approach. It will compare the merits or benefits of the application of both qualitative and quantitative perspectives in doing research. It will also cover the following topics: What types of research questions are suitable for various qualitative research approaches? How qualitative data can be analyzed and interpreted? How qualitative research processes can be designed, implemented, and reported.

RESEARCH and THESIS Writing Seminar Workshop
This series helps researchers, particularly thesis and dissertation students, formulate winning research proposals and implement research plans sufficient for earning a degree [Undergraduate, Master?s, or Doctoral]. The course guides the participants toward putting together a workable thesis that features conceptual innovation, methodological rigor, and rich, substantive content -which are characteristics of a strong research. Thesis and dissertation advisers will also benefit greatly from this training course.

The participants are guided in detail on how to formulate Research/Thesis problems from all disciplines [Art and Humanities, Sciences, others]. Post-workshop mentoring and coaching are regular parts of the course program.

Integrated STRATEGIC PLANNING/RESULTS BASED Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop
This course combined the strengths of Strategic Planning integrated with RBM&E principles, an outcome-oriented approach that enables a built-in mechanism for measuring performance and success of interventions [policies, programs, projects, organizational operations and initiatives]. The training is especially designed for local government officials [executives, planning officers, project managers, etc.], development practitioners, and urban planners and managers. It is geared towards building a culture of transparency, accountability, integrity and learning in public sector management, the private and the plural sectors.

- - - - - -

Attached are our 2016 Schedule (seminars remaining for the year), poster for Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Training Seminar, and Reservation form. For more information, please visit our

Please feel free to call or send us an email for inquiries. Please confirm your reservation at least one week before the day of the seminar.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

Sincerely yours,

Mila Pulido Pangan
Mobile: 0999-881-1967
Reply Jan Adrian Corpuz
4:55 AM on July 17, 2016 
A good Sunday afternoon sir/mam! I am Jan Adrian Corpuz a 5th year architecture student from Columban College Inc. Olongapo,Zambales. I am currently taking up my Thesis Study and my target site would probably be in the City of San Fernando.
May i humbly ask on whom should i contact, the position and department of the person i am getting intouch with for me to be able to receive a permission letter coming from my school prior to my visit in the department of the City and also so i could get informations like lot size, technical descriptions and other datas that i could gather that will be very helpful to my feasibility study.

I am hoping that you could take time reading my mail. and Thank you in advance for future answers. Have a great day!